The RaDICaL Dataset: A synchronized and calibrated low-level Radar, RGB-D and IMU dataset.


This is pre-alpha research quality code, and is being actively developed on. Anything may change at anytime. Please check back here often.

Bug reports are very much appreciated.


  • [x] Radar config reader
  • [x] Read from aligned H5 dataset
  • [ ] Read from raw bags (to produce aligned/unaligned H5 datasets)
  • [x] Polar to Cartesian Projection
  • [ ] Camera/Radar coordinate transforms


python -m pip install git+

How to use

Our dataset is distrbuted under CC BY 4.0 license. The dataset is currently under review and will be made available soon. DOI: 10.13012/B2IDB-3289560_V1.

Download the dataset at our project page.

A small sample (50 frames) to try things our can be found here. [md5sum: b195ff422cc4c979eeb81623899050cb]

Reading and displaying depth and RGB is easy

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

plt.rcParams['figure.figsize'] = [10, 20]
from radicalsdk.h5dataset import H5DatasetLoader

data = H5DatasetLoader('../samples/indoor_sample_50.h5')

frame_idx = 1
plt.imshow(data['rgb'][frame_idx][..., ::-1])
plt.title(f'RGB frame {frame_idx}@{data["rgb_timestamp"][frame_idx]}')
plt.title(f'Depth frame {frame_idx}@{data["depth_timestamp"][frame_idx]}')

The radar data is a 3D array arranged slow_time, antenna, fast_time.

RadarFrame encapsulates the necessary processing and saves computation on subsequent calls as steps can be very expensive.

from radicalsdk.radar.config_v1 import read_radar_params
from radicalsdk.radar.v1 import RadarFrame

# Read config and configure RadarFrame object
radar_config = read_radar_params('../samples/indoor_human_rcs.cfg')
rf = RadarFrame(radar_config)

Range Azimuth in Polar Coordinates


Projecting to cartesian

from radicalsdk.geometry import PolarToCartesianWarp

p2c = PolarToCartesianWarp()

cartesian_radar = p2c(np.abs(rf.range_azimuth_capon)[np.newaxis, ..., np.newaxis])
with np.errstate(divide='ignore'):
    plt.imshow(np.log(cartesian_radar[0, ...]))